COMPANY NURSETransforming the Work Injury Experience for Better Results, Savings

Workers’ compensation represents a significant expense and poses increased challenges for employers as a result of a rise in claim frequency, high prescription drug costs, an aging workforce, and extended and ongoing regulatory changes, among other factors. It’s more critical now than ever to be proactive and develop strategies that address the real risks employers face in injury management. One proven and effective way of containing costs and reducing claims is to provide immediate and proper care to injured employees with a nurse triage hotline.

Company Nurse Injury Hotline helps employers respond to workplace injuries on the “Day of Injury”, the most critical point at which to influence medical care, claims costs, return-to-work outcomes, and employee satisfaction. We help injured workers and their supervisors determine the most effective course of action after an injury and assist in coordinating the initial treatment with an appropriate facility if needed.

Improve Workers’ Compensation Results, Reduce Claims

Moreover, particularly for minor injuries, workers usually agree to treat themselves with First Aid when a proper medical assessment has been made and they are supported throughout the process with Company Nurse. This avoids unnecessary claims because the first-aid screening and decision-support service provided delivers the right balance in avoiding workers prematurely entering into the medical system, while at the same time not sacrificing the timeliness and quality of medical attention an injured worker needs.

Company Nurse Provides 24-Hour Injury Hotline for Workers’ Compensation

Company Nurse provides 24/7/365-day telephonic nationwide access for report of injury and nurse triage. We use highly trained and experienced nurses, strict clinical guidelines, and sophisticated, proprietary software to assess an injured worker’s symptoms and determine the level of care appropriate to the injury’s severity including self-care information. We will coordinate a referral to a provider if treatment is necessary, complete and distribute the Injury Report to client contacts within minutes of the initial call, and complete and distribute a provider report to the referral provider, among other key services.