COMPANY NURSE At the Forefront of Workers’ Comp Triage

Company Nurse is a telephone triage injury hotline. When an injury occurs, the injured employee and/or supervisor places a call to Company Nurse, a 24/7/365 hotline staffed by trained telephone triage nurses. Using proven interviewing techniques and proprietary medical triage algorithm software, the RN will recommend first-aid advice and direct medical treatment to employer-designated medical care sites.

The Company Nurse approach positions a Registered Nurse at the very beginning of the injury reporting process, where the opportunity for positively influencing future costs of the injury can be maximized, while providing the highest level of service to the injured employee.

Paul Binsfeld, whose knowledge of the workers’ compensation industry and first-hand experience made him an industry pioneer, founded Company Nurse in 1997. He spent the first few years doing the necessary due diligence to actually create a market for nurse triage services for workplace injuries. Paul’s early work at the industry’s genesis led him to the most influential players in the workers’ compensation market: pools and super pools of employers. Today, the fact that nurse triage continues to be all Company Nurse does is perceived as a high-value differentiator.