COMPANY NURSEProvide Added Value to Your Comp Services, Retain and Gain More Business

At Company Nurse, we know how critical it is to attract and retain business, particularly in the competitive workers’ compensation space. We understand that in order to do this you need to offer your clients something your competition cannot – a service or program that goes beyond what others are providing that can positively impact an insured’s workers’ comp experience modification. Implementing our Company Nurse 24/7/365 Nurse Triage Hotline can help your current and prospective clients achieve 100% on-time reporting of injuries, guide the employee’s medical treatment and provide immediate access to the appropriate medical help, reduce medical expenses and subsequently the cost of claims, decrease the length of a claim, and get employees back on the job – all essential in lowering an insured’s ex mod and reducing comp premiums.

Here’s How Company Nurse Triage Works for Your Insureds

Our triage nurses are involved at the time of the work place injury providing medical expertise on the phone with the injured employee and triaging the employee to the most appropriate level of care: self-care, referral to clinic, or emergency room. The triage nurse will provide, where available, a list of approved preferred medical providers if needed, and then send the detailed report of injury to all stakeholders: medical provider, TPA/claims professionals, and employer to ensure needs are met. For minor injuries, employees usually agree to treat themselves when a proper assessment has been made and they are supported throughout the process with Company Nurse.

Early intervention often prevents minor injuries from becoming complex claims. With caring, professional care from Registered Nurses specializing in occupational injuries, Company Nurse can help your clients reduce the medical cost of workers’ compensation claims while improving the overall medical experience of injured employees.