COMPANY NURSEFocus on Improving Care, Controlling Claim Costs

Not every injury warrants a trip to the ER, but without medical expertise it’s natural for supervisors to err on the side of caution. Company Nurse provides medical expertise at the point of injury, so injured employees are channeled to the most appropriate and cost-effective level of care. This may involve self-care or visiting a clinic or ER. The key is to address the workplace injury when it first occurs. Company Nurse is able to provide quick and accurate care and treatment evaluation, often preventing a minor injury from becoming an expensive claim.

The Company Nurse 24/7/365 Nurse Triage Hotline serves as a communication hub for reporting all workplace incidents. Employees gain immediate access to highly qualified and trained nurses to gather information and assess the right course of action. If appropriate, the employee will be guided in first aid/self-care for minor injuries, such as strains and sprains, and allowed to return to work. Or, they will be directed to an approved preferred provider network if needed. Company Nurse will then send the Report of Injury to everyone on the report distribution list so they can do their respective roles in the claim process.