COMPANY NURSEPartner with Us, Have Agents Writing Workers’ Comp with You

In today’s competitive workers’ compensation insurance market, standing out from the crowd is critical in gaining more business from the insurance agency distribution system. Is your company able to competitively provide the following risk management tools and strategies that will assist agents to:

  • help insureds cut down on the time it takes to report a claim
  • get employees back to work as soon as possible
  • reduce the duration of a disability
  • manage workers’ comp ex mods, and lower premiums
  • … and ultimately get business written with you?

Safety and return-to-work programs are key, but with Company Nurse 24/7/365 Nurse Triage Hotline as part of your overall strategy, you can make even greater inroads by enhancing the effectiveness of your existing programs. You can reduce the lag time in reporting claims, lower the incident of claims even further, and reduce costs for your policyholders.

A Smooth Process with Our Workplace Injury Triage Hotline

When an injury occurs, the injured employee and/or supervisor calls the Company Nurse 24/7/365 Nurse Triage Hotline, which is staffed by trained, telephonic triage nurses. Registered Nurses can recommend first-aid advice or medical treatment to employer-designated medical care sites. The employer, occupational clinic, TPA, and insurance company are aware of the work place injury, as a First Report of Injury is sent to them within minutes. This allows everyone to better handle claims, which helps to keep workers’ comp costs down.