COMPANY NURSEGet Bottom-Line Positive Results with Access to Our 24/7/365 Workers’ Comp Injury Triage Service

Company Nurse provides many positive results to agents and their insureds, employers, TPAs, carriers and self-insured groups (SIGs) and pools. The stats speak for themselves.

Reduce Claims by 15-20%

  • The Registered Nurse is able to triage injured employees to self-care, when medically appropriate.

Reduce Costs by 20-30%

  • The Registered Nurse is able to refer the employee to an approved medical facility, in accordance with your providers, saving the injured employee time, and the company money.
  • The injured employee is able to speak with a caring and compassionate medical professional at the time of injury, and reports are immediately received by claims management, lowering litigation rates.

Immediate Reporting

  • One study demonstrated that each day of delay in reporting can raise claim costs by 3%. With immediate reporting the employer is able to avoid these costs.
  • Company Nurse provides our Report of Injury within minutes of call completion to all stakeholders, which allows them to initiate their respective roles in the workers’ compensation process.