COMPANY NURSEOffer Early Intervention Services, Minimize & Manage On-the-Job Injury Claims

Your job as a TPA is to help clients effectively manage their workers’ compensation claims from start to finish – from the initial claim investigation to compensability determination and until the claim is settled or closed. By incorporating workers’ comp triage into your mix you can improve clients’ results from the onset through early intervention that separates serious injuries from those that need not become claims at all. Employers will have fewer recordable incidents, reduce the duration time of a disability and the amount of medical spend, and get employees back to work more quickly.

Make A Difference in Workplace Injuries with Company Nurse Triage

The Company Nurse Triage Hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and manned by experienced highly trained nurses who gather information, assess, and triage to the appropriate level of care. We use strict clinical guidelines and proprietary medical triage algorithm software to assess an injured worker’s symptoms and determine the level of care appropriate to the injury’s severity. During the phone call, self-care may be indicated, which helps prevent a workers’ compensation claim. At the end of the call, the nurse immediately sends all available occupational or medical notes from the triage call to each stakeholder: employer, occupational clinic, and TPA, allowing you to initiate your respective role in the workers’ compensation process. If the injured worker requires a referral to an approved clinic for assessment/treatment, the medical notes from the call will be sent to the facility prior to the employee’s arrival. This reduces delays and provides continuity of care for the injured worker, thereby reducing claims costs.